Pros and Cons Chart: Why Blogs are Good and Bad

Yes, I know blogs are so “yesteryear,” and that even podcasts are “tired.”    And true, I haven’t even written a blog myself.   But hey, if everyone’s an expert now and any topic is interesting, well, here is my compilation of Why Blogs are Good and Bad.

Gets people to be more balanced as information producers, not just consumers. Consumes people’s time, both in writing and reading.
Rapid advancement of ideas, spreading of information. Exacerbates the problem of short attention spans and shallow coverage.
Increased bandwidth for niche issues/interests that lack mass appeal. Exacerbates the culture of specialization. (Yes I realize this sorta contradicts the previous pro/con pairing… but that’s life.)
Real stuff from real people. Bogus stuff from sockpuppets.
More citizen watchdogs. Lack of accountability in anonymity. Negative, anti-establishment bias, information/opinion cascades and disproportionate attention to conspiracy theories & crackpots.
Undiscovered geniuses. Haters.

I’m glad I got that off my chest… but clearly, even after many years, this stuff will still need to get sorted out.  In the meantime, let’s continue racing forward to the next new thing.

UPDATE, May 2007: Now that I’ve actually gotten a blog going, I will add this Good Thing About Blogs, for which I don’t see a bad side: Mainstream acceptance of the importance of separating content from presentation, in matters of information creation, storage and retrieval.

Predated Entry (Icon) (NB: This is a predated journal entry that’s been editted many times since I started it, and is an open piece in progress.  Although you can’t turn two pages of a newspaper (or click through two links on a website) without reading something about why blogs are good or bad,  I’ve been trying keep a list of some of the better articles that have most influenced me on this subject. See below.)

“The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell


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  1. Mixed Bag:
    Competition to (and further commodification of) journalism
    Further erosion of the ideal of thorough journalism (or maybe a raising of the standard?)
    Tempts potential writers of “real” or “important” work to fritter away their talents on transient b.s.

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