George Washington’s Ascension to Heaven

Ascension to Heaven - George WashingtonThis image, courtesy of, will be featured in a book, “American Gospel” by Jon Meacham, due out from Random House in April. 

 (buy the poster here)

What an allegory! This makes you realize how far removed we are from those early days of this country’s history.

I think it’s kind of like an early American history equivalent to the giant murals of dictators you see in some parts of the world.

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  1. But why is GW wearing a woman’s bathrobe???

  2. Yeah, it looks like ‘ol George just came out of a spa treatment at the Mandalay Bay Resort…

  3. The actual painting in the Capital building in Washington shows this country was founded with God, and that we need to stay with him in our lives otherwise I fear it will only get worse. By the way it is a beautiful picture depicting our very first President General George Washington ascending into the heavens!

    Photograph of Constantino Brumidi’s 1865 fresco in the Capitol dome, entitled The Apotheosis of Washington. The fresco (a painting done on fresh, moist plaster) depicts George Washington’s apotheosis — or elevation to the rank of a god. In the painting, Washington has ascended to the heavens. He sits in the center of the image, with a rainbow at his feet. The female figures to his right and left represent Liberty and Victory/Fame. The thirteen other women in the central circle represent the original thirteen states. The outer ring contains figures symbolizing other important aspects of the young nation. Directly below Washington is War, followed by (proceeding clockwise) Science, Marine, Commerce, Mechanics, and Agriculture.

    Brumidi spent eleven months painting the 4,664 square-foot fresco following the completion of the dome at the end of the Civil War.

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