Da Vinci Code Poster Smorgasbord

Da Vinci Code PosterWell, MovieGoods have locked down the wholesale supply of movie posters and have gone on a licensing spree. 

Here is their collection of Da Vinci Code movie posters.   We’ve gotten three updates of the jpegs from them this month alone… not only do they have all the usual variations and such, they also have a set of Leonardo Da Vinci clip art images, emblazoned variously with a red wax seal and/or variations on the movie logo, named “Style A” through “Style V.”  Ok, we get it… you have a Corbis account and know how to use Photoshop.  Can we move on now?

Maybe they are test marketing the posters in small batches, and seeing which ones last… i.e. rapid prototyping using print on demand. Or maybe this is some kind of “collect them all” scheme?  Or maybe it’s just about market saturation… the way plants will dump out thousands of seeds in order to assure at least one will take hold?  

 This reminds me of the Star Wars Episode One licensing frenzy in 1999.  What a bust.  I’m glad I didn’t have all that paper rotting in my warehouse. Who knew Jar Jar Binks was NOT the next Ewok / Furby?

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