Xtreme to the maXX

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Energy Drinks. The last frontier of high-margin product in the beverage industry.  Red Bull blazed the trail in the U.S. with its harsh tasting (but well-mixing) formula and many others followed. AMP, ROCKSTAR, MONSTER, the list goes on. Even HOOTERS recently got on the band wagon.  My personal favorite is brewed by none other than Coca-Cola, although I think I’ve had a few too many in the past year and am now immune to its, er, productivity effects.

But for those of us who actually drink this s–tuff, the latest and greatest, biggest and badest, most hardcoredest new drink is SPIKE.

SPIKE Energy Drink

Just how crazy is SPIKE?

I’ll tell you how crazy.  MAD CRAZY.  It’s got enough caffeine to kill a pregnant rhino…. though apparently it’s got no sugar or carbs (????).  I’m suspicious… and yet, feel strangely compelled to try it. The drink is currently available only in Colorado for high-altitude consumption. Apparently, some kids out there drank too much of it and now the Seven-Eleven chain of convenience stores won’t carry the stuff. You can order it off strange websites like this one.


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