Myers-Briggs is so EXPIRED (or, why this blog is called “INTPraneur’s Outpost”)

Years ago, a guy walked into my office and asked me what my Myers-Briggs personality type was.

Ok, that wasn’t the first thing he said to me… but it was almost the first thing.

Anyway, at the time I was intrigued by his question and what appeared to be an interesting structure/system for analysis and categorization of human personality. As I later found out, the Myers-Briggs template is used by many companies, executive coaches and HR professionals, to assess candidates. It’s also one of several systems used by people who are obsessed with themselves and their personal development (as Seinfeld says, “not that there’s anything wrong with that” …well, actually, I think there is something wrong with that if it’s not in moderation… LOTS of moderation.).

Although I was disappointed by the test format, my first result pegged me as an INTP, aka “The Architect,” which suited me fine, given I was trained as an architect. Yet despite the confirmation effect of being told something in a vague enough way so that it sounded like something I already sort of knew, I was left with a feeling that this Myers-Briggs system was wanting. Sure, it covers certain assumed polarities, such as “introversion” vs “extroversion”, or  “thinking” vs “feeling,” but if this test was really geared towards the professional world, what about stuff like “drive”, “ambition”, “courage”, or “integrity” ?

The current title of this blog is INTPreneur’s Outpost, although given that I don’t actually subscribe to the Myers-Briggs system, I’ll probably change that title.

Nevertheless,  here’s an explanation of the title: Over the years since that fateful day in my office, I’ve reviewed my own Myers-Briggs type and have found it drifting from INTP to ENTP.  Over those same years, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of talented  people, both entrepreneurs and so-called intrapreneurs. Some of the entrepreneurs, and most of the intrapreneurs, don’t have that zany “high-flying” personality that is frequently associated with the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Rather, they have a more analytic type of personality and are what I’d call “Business Architects.” Hence, INTPreneur.

But that’s enough about me.  Let’s talk about you.


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