Mr. Deity – LMAO

Mr. Deity Episode 1: Mr. Deity and the Evil
Mr. Deity Episode 2: Mr. Deity and the Really Big Favor
Mr. Deity Episode 3: Mr. Deity and The Light
Mr. Deity Episode 4: Mr. Deity and the Messages
Mr. Deity Episode 5: Mr. Deity and Lucifer 
Mr. Deity Superbowl Extra: The Press Conference
Mr. Deity Episode 7: Mr. Deity and the Tour de Hell
Mr. Deity Episode 8: Mr. Deity and the Top Ten
Mr. Deity Episode 9: Mr. Deity and the Book
Mr. Deity Episode 10: Mr. Deity and the Seed  (could be the best yet)

Brilliant series, absolutely brilliant.  When you see quality stuff like this, you understand what “the long tail” of television looks like.  Independent, shoe-string budget genius.

 ” I mean, look at that typeface. Job had design sense. “

Of course, the series will get snapped up by HBO, you can bet.

Brian Dalton (Mr. Deity)  (also creator of series)
Jimbo Marshall (Larry)
Sean Douglas (Jesse)
Amy Rohren (Lucy)

” I thought he said ‘..of the people who would do well.’ “


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