A Journey of a Hundred Postings Begins With a Single Energy Drink

Congratulations to Justin and his Energy Drink Ratings Blog , on his recent one-year anniversary. One hundred reviews in less than 365 days… impressive.  He’s well on his way to a long-tail showdown with Dan’s Energy Drink Reviews, who has a strong SEO lead over Justin. None of them can touch this guy, though, in terms of pure hardcore kunst.

 As Terrence Bollea once said, “From the can, to the Man.” 


Glaceau VitaminEnergyIn other energy drink news, the good people at Glaceau have finally stepped up to the plate on this phenomenon with VitaminEnergy.  Nice brand extension, and as usual, consistent messaging and market differentiation.  The folks in Whitestone know what they’re doing.   As a  casual fan of their product, I already know what it’s going to taste like… it will be mild and fruity, with a crisp watery finish, i.e., nothing like Full Throttle or any of the other mainstream energy drinks.   Steven Segal’s Can of WhoopassI’ll try it, despite the fact that they’re telling me for $0.14 an ounce I may not be getting as much caffeine as I’d like to get.  More than an attempt to nudge out Steven Segal from store shelves (as if), I think this product offering is an internal sell to their most loyal SmartWater/VitaminWater drinkers, i.e. Glaceau will increase their “footprint” (or “share of beverage-related wallet”) within their existing customer base.



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