Mr Deity vs God Inc.

(for those unfamiliar with the series, see my previous post on Mr. Deity)

Here’s an update from the good folks at Mr. Deity:

 Meanwhile, I came across a similarly-themed online video series called “God, Inc.”  produced by Francis Stokes.  God Inc. is modeled straight after “The Office,” with its characteristically dark and deadpan humor and the drab contemporary office setting.  They’ve done a great job on God Inc., but if I had to choose between God or the Deity, I’d still have to go with Mr. Deity for its zany originality and greater overall subtlety.  But I’d rather not have to choose.

The two videos actually appeared on YouTube at almost the same time — God Inc. on December 9, 2006, and Mr. Deity on December 27, 2006. Talk about evolutionary convergence!  Also, both series announced deals this past July — God Inc. was bought by the Sci-Fi Channel on July 13, 2007, and Mr. Deity made some kind of a deal with Sony in late June/early July for its next five episodes.

Here’s an inventory of the six episodes of God Inc. :

  • Episode 1 “In The Beginning There Was Paperwork”
  • Episode 2 “The Miracles Department”
  • Episode 3 “Who Stole God’s Lunch?”
  • Episode 4 “And Give Them An 11 AM Deadline On All Species Submissions”
  • Episode 5 “Beating The Muslims (Not Literally)”
  • Episode 6 “Deux Ex Machina”
  • ..and once again, here’s a list of the ten Mr. Deity episodes:

    Mr. Deity Episode 1: Mr. Deity and the Evil
    Mr. Deity Episode 2: Mr. Deity and the Really Big Favor
    Mr. Deity Episode 3: Mr. Deity and The Light
    Mr. Deity Episode 4: Mr. Deity and the Messages
    Mr. Deity Episode 5: Mr. Deity and Lucifer 
    Mr. Deity Superbowl Extra: The Press Conference
    Mr. Deity Episode 7: Mr. Deity and the Tour de Hell
    Mr. Deity Episode 8: Mr. Deity and the Top Ten
    Mr. Deity Episode 9: Mr. Deity and the Book
    Mr. Deity Episode 10: Mr. Deity and the Seed 

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