XO Laptop : The Next Status Symbol?

Although I was a die-hard Mac user for many years, I eventually (circa 2001/2002) abandoned my collection of one-button mice and caved into the Windows culture… and not a moment too soon, because right around that time Apple came out with the iPod and was becoming popular again. So did I budge?  Nah.  Ever the contrarian, I resisted going back. I still don’t own an iPhone, though I might consider getting a cracked one.  My point here (yes there is one) is as follows: If you weren’t an early adopter of the iPhone, you still have a chance to be cool again.

Enter the XO Laptop.

XO LaptopFor $399 two laptops get delivered: one for you/your child, and one for a child somewhere in the Third World. This initiative is part of the One Laptop Per Child mission.

Think about it. A slick (Windowless) laptop that costs less than an iPhone (that is, the iPhone’s original retail price) and which offsets the miasma of conspicuous consumption with the redolence of righteous philanthropy.

I predict the XO Laptop will be the hottest new personal electronics status symbol for Christmas 2007. I also predict there will be a vibrant secondary market/culture of XO Laptop hacks.

This is a no-brainer. Sign me up!


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