blog stat

time for an inventory check.

as of this moment: 

60 posts and 1600 views in 3.8 months

(and 24 unpublished drafted/notes) 

that comes to about 16 posts and 421 views per month, which is much higher than i expected (especially on the posting side) for a scrapbook of random thoughts. 

using WordPress (or similar services) causes one’s blog to be instantly crawled by Google, and that’s where the bulk of this blog’s traffic comes from.  forget all those fancy shmancy SEO tricks: a few blog posts with keyword-laden titles will get traffic within minutes. literally. 

for all you non-webmastery types out there, let me illustrate this with a simple example: run a search on Google for “laptop status symbol” (without quotes… that exact phrase exists in only 4 webpages apparently… well, 5, once you count this one) and my post from a few days ago comes up on top of the natural search results. wow! the number one spot! ok, ok, it’s not a very competitive keyword combo, but still, out of over 1.7 million webpages that Google found having those three words, was my XO laptop post really the most compelling?  yes, of course it was, but that’s not the point.

the point is… ummm… well i guess the point is that maybe someone else will create a newer blog post about laptop status symbols in the near future, and by virtue of it being a more recent post about status symbols that are laptops (and notwithstanding my incessant use and abuse of the words status, laptop and symbol in this post), that newer post will probably trump my earlier post regarding the XO laptop (as a symbol of status) and become the new number one search result for the words “laptop status symbol.”  so this brings us to issues of recency bias in the google algorithm and blogosphere culture in general… but before we drift too far, let’s get back to the stats.

 my posts that draw the most traffic continue to be the ones about LIONs, Ricola cough drops, Daniel Tammet and my “Taking a Picture of Yourself Every Day” analysis.  i get a small but consistent trickle of visitors from my profile links on social networks, people clicking “next” on WordPress blog surfer, and once in a while a visit from someone who is specifically googling me (or someone else with the same name as me).  

for illustrative purposes, here are the search engine terms that people used to find this blog today and yesterday:


Search Views
possible band names 1
chart junk 1
LION linked in open network 1
LinkedIn Open Networker 1


Search Views
adrian hanauer and degree or graduate 2
pi painting daniel tammet 2
daniel tammet pi picture 1
daniel tammet painting of pi 1
adjective for menagerie 1

welcome to life in the far far end of The Long Tail.   i’m living the dream.

hmmm, an adjective for menagerie, you say?  how about multifarious?   yes, a multifarious menagerie sounds just about right.


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  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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