Mr. Deity Season Two, Episode One — “Mr. Deity and The Intel” — Sneak Peek

About an hour ago, I received an email (enclosed below) from my anonymous source regarding the second season of Mr. Deity.  (Season 2, Episode 1, “Mr. Deity and The Intel”)  The email address is attributed to a certain “Group SJR” which has a mysterious looking website with only some names, contact information and the tagline “Issues, Ideas + Influencers.” This appears to be a boutique (i.e., small) PR firm with offices in various cities, hired by Sony/Crackle to promote Mr. D.   

About SJR:  Well, I don’t know much about them, but I do know this:  The first three listed pricipals are named  Mitch Stoller, Alexander Jutkowitz and Juleanna Glover Weiss, which almost adds up to “SJR” …perhaps there’s a maiden name in there. Also, they / their staff are doing a good job reaching out to wag the Long Tail of the blogosphere — that would be me — and they’re doing it right around dinner time, which is perfect for us non-TV-watching web addicts. They also wisely emailed me through my contact form instead of using the comments function. While that risked me not opening the email or being too lazy or disinterested in posting it to the site, the benefit of me actually posting it far outweighs the lameness of being buried in the blog comments (or worse, being counted as comment-spam/blogspam). Finally, they’re giving me/us bloggers first dibs on Episode 11 — it isn’t even posted on the Mr. Deity website yet.  Way to make us feel important, dudes!   The bottom line: They are on top of their game, these folks at SJR.   Did you hear that, SJR?  Pay your interns better!  (Having said that, the text of the email leaves something to be desired. You get what you pay for.) 

Enough.  I will dutifullly pass along their remarks, in addition to the juicy link to Episode Eleven….

Name: Video Addict


Here’s a sneak peek into the daily life of President Bush’s top adviser. And no, we’re not talking about Cheney or Condi—we mean a higher power.

Season Two of Mr. Deity, a hilarious and irreverent series of comedy shorts, premiers today on Crackle, Sony Picture’s streaming entertainment website. Shows from season one have been circulating around the internet and already have generated a fan base over 6 million strong.

Check out Episode One for a whole new take on “The Decider’s” decision-making:

If you wish to use this video for broadcast or to embed it on your site, it must be played through Crackle’s player.

Here is the embed code:    From Crackle:  Mr. Deity – Season 2 Premiere

And be sure to keep Crackle in mind as your source for the most up-to-the minute political commentary and spoofs.

Time: Thursday October 18, 2007 at 5:22 pm
IP Address:

Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

(What a strange, strange place our world has become. I guess I’m just glad to be a participant/pawn in this whole viral marketing thing.)

Lastly, watch below as Brian Dalton (aka Mr D) bids farewell to YouTube, as he is now beholden to the higher powers of Sony: 


Postscript:  I wasn’t so impressed with Episode 11.  Come on guys, you can do better. In fact, you HAVE done better.  After the Sony/Crackle deal you’d think there could be an increase in the production level… and certainly not a dip in the writing!  On the plus site, the character acting was a good as ever. 


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