Online Video Sub-Genre Showdown: Laughing-Hiccupping Babies (Twins ‘n Giggles )

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done an “Online Video Sub-Genre Showdown,” so today I’m taking on babies. But you can’t just do “Babies,” because that’s too big a category.  “Laughing Babies?”   Still too big.  How about this:  Videos depicting at least two babies, where one of said babies has the hiccups, and the other baby is laughing.  

 Yes, I believe we have a sub-genre. 

We begin with Ronan and Darragh (above), a video of so-so production quality, but which handily demonstrates the fundamental comedy involved in having one baby, who is all like, “WTF, I’ve got the hiccups or something??”  and a second baby, who all like, “LOL, you’ve got the hiccups or something!!”  It’s so funny, in fact, that this video is only the second part of a two part series with more or less the same hiccup-chuckle-hiccup-belly laugh routine (link to the first part).  I’m choosing part two for inclusion here, because of the grand spit-up finale. Sweeeeet.  

Our next candidate video:

Probably the gold medal winner for this category, this video captures the deep Ernie-and-Bert-esque symbiosis & co-dependence perfectly. I’m with the guy on the left.  He’s just waiting for the next hiccup.   This video was good enough for an America’s Funniest Home Videos-type show, judging by the audience laugh-track thing going on.  Knock off a few points for that.  No spit-up finale either.

It should be noted that there is NO SHORTAGE of videos of babies laughing to hiccups generated by adults, off screen.  However, the exacting standards of this Sub-Genre demand that this be a strictly intra-baby affair.

The final video in this showdown proves the old adage that it’s all fun and games until someone starts to hiccup:

There’s still a chuckle or two, but you can see that everyone is starting to get concerned.   

Well, there you have it:  Best of Babies and Hiccups, courtesy of the Interwebs.


SEO Notes:

My last Online Video Sub-Genre Showdown, the survey of “Take A Picture Of Yourself Every Day for X Years” time-lapse self-portraits, has been getting steady web traffic. Typical Google searches include “take a photo of yourself online”, “video self portrait” and so forth. I like to think it’s because the post was so original and comprehensive, but no. In reality, it has to do with the <title> and other key HTML tags in the post, that WordPress has automatically generated, as well as the extensive verbiage of the post itself. Good old fashioned SEO technique.   Compare this to my “Battle of the Bumblebees” post about dudes shredding Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” on electric guitars, which doesn’t get as much traffic.  The title doesn’t mention a thing about guitars and the text is sparse. Seriously, how is anyone supposed to find it on a web search? …unless of course I start cross-linking other documents to it…


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  1. that’s great vids but I must say I prefer watching Piano Briefs lol 😀

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