Boss’ Birthday Surprise: Post-It Notes

This is the kind of thing you’d find only on the Internet…. unless you work with my colleague Jen, in which case, you’d find it in real life:

Boss’ Cubicle Covered In Post-It NotesBoss’ Cubicle Covered In Post-It Notes

Ambitious and over the top, ye say?  Most definitely.  But the texture is actually quite lovely and the classic Post-It light yellow color surprisingly warm and inviting at this scale.  Apparently the last birthday in this office involved many sheets of aluminum foil.  I can hear the outcry of environmental waste from Mr. Spitzberg, all the way from India. Hush, hush.   This is art.  Yes, I know Christo did it already.  But did Christo use Post-It Notes, in a dialectic critique of the organizational-office supply-object-fetish and its self-perpetuating consumerist ethos?  No, I don’t think he did.


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  1. waste of company time and resources, ye say? surely.

    if i had an employee who did this on a regular basis, i’d keep a real close eye on them. a fuse might be about to blow! 🙂

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