S.Y.P.H. — A New Communications Methodology

In preparation for my first delivery of a Presentation Skills Program, I’ve devised a handy new methodology that helps dramatically improve one’s communication skills, almost instantaneously.

We live in a world of countless management guru books and courses that use acronyms like “A.I.M.” and “A.C.T.,” diagrams of quadrants, pyramids and feedback loops, and anywhere from 2 to 12 (but usually 3 to 7) steps or habits or competencies which serve as mnemonic devices for nobody else but the author/presenter of the material. So I have decided to create my own handy acronym for this revolutionary new communications methodology:   S.Y.P.H.

It stands for “Shut Your Pie Hole.”


About danspira

My blog is at: http://danspira.com. My face in real life appears at a higher resolution, although I do feel pixelated sometimes.

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