A Year In The Life of a Blog

This blog started a year yesterday. Since that time, the earth has returned to roughly the same position relative to the sun, but everything else is completely different… at least for me.  During this time, my blog has matured, yea verily, like a fine single malt scotch in an oak sherry cask, soaking in random search queries from Google and elsewhere, attracting comments from a few willing readers, becoming the “go to” place for certain obscure topics, and well, ok, I admit it, it’s really hard to keep up with the blog.  But I try to post weekly… very weakly.

So in the spirit of postmodern self-referential open source navel contemplation, here are the basic stats on this blog for the past 12 months:


As you can see, it’s had a modest, somewhat steady growth curve in traffic. What drives this traffic is primarily content. The more content I add, the more traffic I get. Not mainstream content, no, of course not. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, this blog is somewhere out near the unfashionable edge of the Long Tail. People don’t come here for the latest news about Bear Sterns, Brittany Spears or bioinformatics.

Here are my top blog posts, ranked by percentage of traffic. What they all seem to have in common is that they are incredibly detailed takes on very specific, quirky little subjects.:

I’m No Daniel Tammet (A Meditation on the Number 18 ) 14%
U.S. First Class Postage Rate Hike: Investment Value of the Forever Stamp 12%
LinkedIn Open Networkers : LIONS, LIRONS and BEARS, oh my… 10%
Ricola ™ versus CVS “Natural Herb” Cough Drops 10%
Online Video Sub-Genre Showdown: Take A Picture Of Yourself Every Day for X Years (Time-Lapse Self-Portraits) 4%

The top 5 posts (out of approximately 100) accounted for 50% of this blog’s traffic.
Did I mention that I greatly dislike the word “blog?”

The total share of traffic for the top 10 posts was 66%… a far cry from the classic “80/20 rule” of content where the bestsellers account for the lion’s share of market. In other words, this blog has its very own Long Tail.

I’ll resist the temptation of invoking the bad pun / recursive snake-biting-its-own-tail metaphor. 

Or not.


About danspira

My blog is at: http://danspira.com. My face in real life appears at a higher resolution, although I do feel pixelated sometimes.

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  1. hmmmmmm septembre 2007 is when i discovered this.. and octobre 2007 was my first post!

    im no technical analyst.. but.. the charts spoketh!

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