Haiku +1 (extra line): “View Through a Window”

palisades cliffs bathed
orange in winter sunrise
through bare tree branches
fluttering with plastic bags


About danspira

My blog is at: http://danspira.com. My face in real life appears at a higher resolution, although I do feel pixelated sometimes.

Posted on March 18, 2008, in Diversions, Green Style. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. o new york, new york
    why have you stolen my heart
    like stick in quicksand.

    (need plastic bag to get out)

  2. O Benzo Benzo
    Please don’t stick in the quicksand
    Will plastic bag help?

  3. guys, seriously
    i can’t take you anywhere
    recidivous clowns

  4. danspira enough!
    haikus are driving me mad
    how many is five?

  5. “guys, seriously” is
    NOT a proper way to start
    a proper haiku.

    unless a pause…
    could be counted as rhythm.
    art does as art wants.

    as you can all see,
    i am out of the quick sand.
    bag? i meant baguette!

    Enfin, the moral:
    haiku or economy?

  6. Benzo FTW

    (Sorry – it was a one liner)

  7. benzo you are wrong
    wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong
    se·ri·ous·ly dude

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