I Didn’t Know The Muffin Man

The McMuffin ManThis week Herb Peterson, creator of the Egg McMuffin, died.

This is one of those areas of contemporary culture that I’ve sat on the sidelines for.

No, I’ve never eaten an Egg McMuffin and no, I did not know the Muffin Man, who lived on a street in Santa Barbara. But I do know that the Muffin Man’s creation — a mass-produced simulacrun of Eggs Benedict, has fed millions, nay billions, under the Golden Arches.

So on that note, I’m posting the following link that I received from SMG, which compares the marketing photos of packaged food products, versus what they look like in real life:

http://funtasticus.com/20080324/advertising-vs-reality-a-product-comparison-project/ packaging-vs-reality.jpgThat blog post is actually a English-version digest summary of a German study posted at


…which makes this post here an even more digested version of the study, bad pun intended.

Rest In Peace Herb Peterson.  I didn’t know you or your muffins, but many people did… and many more will.


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