Call for Memes : putting the x back into xy

Let’s start a new meme collection. The collection will consist of phrases which have a formal structure resembling the following : 

put(ting) (the) x (back) in(to) (the) xy

…where x is a word/idea that is a fragment of a larger word/idea, xy

for example:

Putting power back into empowerment.

Putting the human back into humanism

or this one, from an old episode of The Simpsons:

Putting the fun back into fundamentalist dogma

One of my favorites: You put the b in subtle.

This collection will exclude phrases that don’t follow the x-xy relationship. In other words the “x” should be semantically contained within the “xy.” Here’s a counter-example, a phrase that does not go into this collection: Putting Values Back Into The Workplace.   

That said, I just came across this interesting variation which merits inclusion:

Putting Amazing Back Into Grace.

A couple of borderline cases:

Putting sex back into gender.

Putting the party back into politics.

Any other suggestions? 

Putting the me back in the media ?  

Putting the Mao back into LMAO

Once I’ve gathered enough of these, I’ll create a page under the “Ideas” section of this site.  See, it’s all about putting the memes in the menagerie. 


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  1. i think there was another simpsons one with

    “he puts the pal back in principal”

    when the school got the new young principal…

  2. that’s score two for the Simpsons.

    now i remember one back from my McGill Arch days… my friend Dimitri and I had a slogan:

    “putting the funk back into function, and the texture back into architexture.”

  3. and of course, there’s the ol, “putting the bar into the bar mitzvah”

    (alternate version: “well, this is more bar than mitzvah” )

  4. how about the reverse?
    one I heard today was
    “taking the pain out of painting”

  5. nice one, dz.

    a co-worker of mine once knew a girl from the West Coast named Elle who liked to say, “I’m the ELLE in L.A.”

    (gag me with a spoon)

  6. sushi menu slipped under my door tonight.

    putting the mame back in the edamame.

  7. taking the ire out of the new hire process?

  8. two more from work today:

    putting the fun back into the sales funnel

    putting the gnostic back into the diagnostic

  9. Lets take this to a new level with the double pump…
    You put the “spira” into respiratory exaspiration

    you put the “ass” in asymmetric


    You totally put the LOL back into Philology.

    Better yet: You put the FUNKY LOL FLAVA back into Flavanolol.

  11. Oh yeah when it comes to FUNKY FLAVA the dude abides!

    You still put the Spira in every Conspiracy and when your not doing that you’re putting the Jew in Rejuvenate…
    …you’re unstoppable man!

  12. Dude, you put the “pro ease” in processed cheese.

  13. Scotch just took this to a new level! Look for their new product that is taking the fur out of furniture. It is called the “fur fighter” – I love it.

  14. Most excellent… thank you for this fine addition! < from a demo reel by hand model Ashly Covington… she's the "it: of model mitts!

  15. i put the the pun back into pundit.

    “the pundit who punned it”



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