Sneaker Design Idea: The Carbon Footprint Shoe

Here’s a silly little idea:

The Carbon Footprint Sneaker Shoe Sole Design, (c) Copyright 2008 by Daniel Spira, Use It Or Lose It

When the wearer of this shoe walks on soft ground or through a puddle and then looks back at their footprints, they will see the word “CARBON” printed onto the ground behnd them — a literal rendering of their environmental impact.

I couldn’t find anything already like this out there — at least not easily searchable on Google (might as well not exist then, right?) — but I did find these other groovy sneaker sole designs:

Shoe Sole by Keep Company

Space Invaders Shoe Sole

Anyway, if anyone out wants to produce this shoe (or better yet, a shoe sole with the word CARBON crossed out) just remember to actually use sustainable production methods… and of course, send me a design royalty check… 


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Posted on April 17, 2008, in Diversions, Green Style. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. *blink blink* colours?? wowz.

    the shoe idea.. yah.. neat.

  2. Yeah, coloUrs. The old grey template was getting tired and, after all, it’s springtime of yore.

  3. cf. Embossed reversed advertisements put onto public bench seats in Aukland, New Zealand, targeting the thighs of short-short wearers: (HT @GilY)

    Now this is what you call “branding.”

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