July 4 : In(ter)dependence Day

TIRED: Independence
WIRED: Interdependence
EXPIRED: Dependence

cf. http://www.co-intelligence.org/interdependenceday.html

(p.s. On behalf of the Meme Menagerie regular readership, which includes at least one Canadian-American, one British-American and one Armenian-Lebanese-Canadian, I want to extend big props to the United States of America, her citizens, her allies and her supporters. In any group or team, It’s easy to criticize the leader. But of course, we owe the ‘ol Empire much, including the advancement and propagation of the culture which nutures all these sorts of ideas…)


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  1. incidentally..

    and i don’t mean this with any negative connotations..

    the best form of propaganda according to the classic “propaganda” (jacques ellul) is the influence of a society on a happy citizen. (i’m paraphrasing)

    and nothing like days like “canada day” or “in(ter)dependance day” (made me think of marriage counselling when i saw that lol funny sidenote) to reinforce those concepts.

    yes! we live in a good society.

    let’s celebrate it.

    let’s spread the love… or at least reinforce it enough to offer resistance to outside influence.

    again… i say this with a positive intent. there’s nothing wrong with propaganda in my book. (as long as i know about it of course)

  2. a note worth expanding on from ur second link:

    “He also points out that, to reach this [higher achievement thru interdependence] , you first have to master the skills of independence.”

    very god point many people overlook. this applies at so many levels.

    i will mention quickly: “you can’t be a good team member unless u become a good leader first”

    and vice versa.

    (the entire leadership thing is another topic that interests me greatly! maybe we can hit it one day! as the communication thread slowly drifts towards it!)

  3. yeah, we’re seguing towards leadership topics… in your spirit of fully-disclosed propaganda, i should mention that my work at RogenSi (as well as my recreational reading) over the past two months has moved from finding ways to develop more effective communication skills to the development of more effective leaders.

    there’s a post that’s been sitting in my head for over a year now (no, it’s not called “The Problem of Procrastination”), having to do with leadership and specifically, a common fallacy that people commonly fall for, even though they know better. that’s all the teasing i’m giving for now.

    thank you for pushing the convo, as always.

  4. scary thought.. after we cover leadership.. there will be nothing left to discuss 😉

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