Searching LinkedIn for LinkedIn Employees : Ouroboros

Perhaps one of the unintended outcomes of the LinkedIn LION phenomenon is something of an Ouroboros effect.  Try searching for people who work at LinkedIn, using their Advanced Search tool:

Your search results will contain all kinds of LIONs — open networkers, recruiters, etc. — who have the term “LinkedIn” as part of their name/title information.  Somewhere in the thicket of LIONs there may be a legitimate LinkedIn employee or two, but otherwise, it’s a jungle out there.



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  1. What’s weird is that they don’t require you to prove you currently work somewhere by validating an email address or some other checking mechanism (i know things can be spoofed, but nontheless, this would cover most everyone). Other social networking sites do this – I’m thinking of you Facebook, where to prove you are an alum of somewhere you have to respond with to an email sent to a particular domain – for example. Otherwise, what’s to stop me saying I worked at Microsoft, Google, Apple etc, padding the old LinkedIn resume to get a foot in the door or get connected?
    Other cases of social network spoofing have happened recently, where EVERYONE is tricked – even the media (gasp) ( i know – ironic that it happened ON Facebook, but what the hey).
    OK – ramble mode off.

  2. don’t get me started about the French media… just… don’t… get… me… started.

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