National (Pun)ctuation Day

September 24th is National Punctuation Day… a day to celebrate the American tradition of co-opting the calendar for the purposes of marketing and self-promotion, as well as to perpetrate horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE puns. I can’t think of a better combination to appeal to headline writers of second-tier city business newspapers.

This day for the punctilious among us was founded by one Jeff Rubin — at first it was supposed to take place on August 22, but following what was probably a scuffle with the folks from National Obelism Day, it was moved to September 24.

Some sample groaners from the press:

Think an Ellipsis is When the Moon Moves in Front of the Sun?


Something for the Semiconscious of the Semicolon

(*shakes head*)

The apostrophe catastrophe: National Punctuation Day points a red pen at the proliferation of sloppy writing

(*ouch, stop it!*)

Think a Semicolon is a Surgical Procedure?


 The Best Darn Manufactured Holiday, Period.


Comma sense

(Gag… me… with… a… spoon!)


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  1. I could see this comma-ing

    This calls for both Bob the Angry Flower:

    with a penny-arcade chaser

  2. For this I log on??

    Putting the “punk” back into punctuation…

  3. comman, u gotta admit, comma sense is pretty funny!

  4. all this pilcrow poppycock is making my colon compunctious

  5. so groanworthy…it should be an issur caret. Tilde next time…

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