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Having recently crossed the arbitrary milestone of 25,000 visitors, enclosed below is an up-to-date list of the top search engine terms used by random visitors to come across this blog.  As usual, few of my personal favorite posts are represented here… and that is just as it should be. As we teach in communication skills training: It isn’t about what you say, but what other people hear. 

Search Views
xeno’s doughnut 751
first class postage 740
r2r.exe 383
george washington 238
trantor 190
postage hike 186
daniel tammet 174
us first class postage 166
li open networkers 163
liger 161
flag stamps 132
forever stamp 130
postage rate hike 123
xeno doughnut 118
first class postage rate 116
heaven 109
carbon footprint 104
daniel tammet pi 103
ricola 97
xo laptop hacks 82
the fighting temeraire 81
us first class postage rate 78
1st class postage 77
joseph turner 75
xeno’s donut 71
glaceau 70
linkedin open networker 69
chris ware 69
ligers 68
shoe sole 67
strong communication skills 62
footprint 61
forever stamp value 57
first class flag stamp 55
usps forever stamp 53
postal rate hike 53
daniel tammet pi painting 53
postage rate hike 2008 51
forgetting curve 50
biggest building 47
postal rate hike 2008 47
sneaker sole 45
cough drops 43
linkedin open networkers 42
“first class postage rate” 41
forever stamps value 41
usps forever stamps 40
us state map 39
home depot eco options 37
daniel tammet painting of pi 37

In summary:  While previously this blog was considered by Google and other search engines to be a minor authority on the subject of Daniel Tammet and LIONs, this blog is now also highly indexed with respect to the USPS “Forever” Stamp and, strangely enough, Scott Adam’s Dilbert “Xeno’s Doughnut” gag.  That, along with the public’s persistent curiosity about the mysterious WindowsXP CPU process of r2r.exe,  the first U.S. President George Washington and Isaac Asimov’s galactic center planet of Trantor, has allowed this “Meme Menagerie” to realize its aspirations as a publicly viewable scrapbook of haphazard ideas.  Three cheers for eclecticism!


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My blog is at: My face in real life appears at a higher resolution, although I do feel pixelated sometimes.

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  1. Interesting post. I’ll have to remember to do the same when I reach a major milestone as well.

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