Memes Du Semaine


* Proxemics and Kinesics   … it’s cultural, it’s situational, it’s a dance!

* Yet-Another-Behavioral-Model:  TETRAMAPS ! — my firm uses this often with clients… its much cooler than DISC and includes fun toys and props like Buckyballs.  i love the fact that they compare it against other models, though the traditional 4 elements used in western astrology (props to BP) aren’t included in their comparison.. probably because it would be confusing. i ran the test this morning and apparently i measure 17-26-25-32, earth-air-water-fire respectively. 

* Steering away from the architectural-communicative realm, another question that’s been bugging me lately is “can you teach intellectual curiosity?”   i believe you can, not because curiosity is teachable per se, but because it’s an innate trait (advantageous from an evolutionary standpoint when combined with learning– “i wonder if what that berry tastes like,,,”  **thud**  “ok, that was poison, but i wonder what this one tastes like…”  )  that can be unleashed and channeled…  the fact that many people seem to be intellectually incurious is because the  trait simply gets buried / conditioned out of their minds.   (wdyt, nareg? too optimistic?)

* The Dow Jones Industrial Average :  Recession-shmession, this is a target-rich environment.

* Literal Music Videos…  well actually, most of them are boring, but this one rocks:

now i can’t get the refrain ” (Pipe wrench fight) ” out of  my head….

..wait..  i have a cure…


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  1. random thoughts, in the spirit of the recent jewish holiday season…

    i used to believe “god created man in his own image”. (man/woman/his/her/whatever)

    more specifically, i foolishly assumed god had one image.

    i’m starting to believe the proper verse should have read “god created man in his own images”. (maybe it was a translation thing)

    i’m more and more convinced people are different. (duh) different molds. no right or wrong mold. just different. some people intellectually curious, others couldn’t be arsed knowing the “how” or “why”. teaching them something they’re not is playing on their weaknesses. makes more sense to find out their strengths and capitalize on those.

    one might argue if we just stuck to our strengths then we wouldn’t improve/evolve (assuming that’s a good thing). i believe there’s plenty of room to improve within our strengths. more vertical, less horizontal.

    i keep on going back to Herbert… “All sentient beings are created unequal. The best society provides each with equal opportunity to float at his own level.” (dosadi experiment)

    you said,
    “the fact that many people seem to be intellectually incurious is because the trait simply gets buried / conditioned out of their minds. (wdyt, nareg? too optimistic?)”

    nareg says,
    all we can do is create the proper environment for intellectual curiosity to blossom. whether it does or not is irrelevant.

    in fact, i don’t think there’s anything wrong with not reading books. in fact, ellul believed the more educated a man, the easier to influence him thru propaganda.

    i was always perplexed by that. it’s almost counter-intuitive. i think it’s because educated and wise don’t always go hand in hand. these guys figured that out ages ago.

    binah v/s hokmah.

    unfortunately, books these days are more geared towards binah (textbook style) and less towards hokmah (stories that u need to introspect on).

    maybe it’s because too many ppl write these days.

    we live in a world of experts. people telling you how to do things. less and less people sharing their experiences without drawing a strict moral.

    anywhere from personal finances, to gardening, to raising babies. you can find books that cover an entire spectrum of expert opinions. mostly conflicting.

    I’m not sure this is hokmah.

    this is also the reason, like mr bripblap, i prefer my reading limited to fiction. i like my knowledge delivered as unprocessed as possible.

    maybe that is why there’s so much less intellectual curiosity these days. who needs to be curious when u can easily find an answer to whatever query you might have.

    why learn the multiplication table when u can use a calculator?

  2. Another for you

  3. Intellectual curiosity in action – hole in the wall computing where kids teach themselves and each other.

    If you have a few days of spare time, the TED talks online are amazing and wonderful.

  4. Post a multifarious post, receive multifarious replies.

    Thank you SMG and Nareg — great stuff all around!

    Re: Strengths-based-development: Yeah, I’m all over positive psychology… the thing is though, there is a fine line between helping people grow by finding (and building off) their strengths, versus pigeonholing people because they have a particular strength.

    Think about those Chinese gymnasts who get selected at age 5 or less and get “developed” around their “strengths.” You might think that’s just an extreme example taken from an extreme environment, but it really isn’t that extreme when you think about the degree to which ordinary business life has become hyper-specialized.

    Think about someone who is an experienced IT Specialist… and think about how hard it would be for them to switch careers today. Even within IT. A very creative, competent database administrator will have a hard time switching over to another job as, say, a graphic user interface developer, because no IT recruiter will ever look at them for a UI design job.

    I know you’re with me on this… just wanted to rant about hyper-specialization.

    On the other (IMHO, positive) end of the strength-based development spectrum: Think of the person who, under their own volition, decides to re-channel their passions or talents to serve a whole new function or purpose. That is cool.

    Re: Intellectual Curiosity: I wonder, does having information one click away really make people less curious? Or can it facilitate more curiosity, by making it easier to explore? If the answer is “it depends,” then what are the circumstances, motivations or values that lead to such different outcomes?

    One thing I know is that time-poverty and laziness are the enemy of intellectual curiosity.

    Speaking of which, my time is up. Back to work!

  5. SMG:
    TED is awesome… there are so many gems in there.. one of my all time favorites there is Why are we happy? by Dan Gilbert. Awesome insight on how the mind works.

    this is why i find my business universe is so different from what’s out there. I’m in the world of the “extremely small” where business blossoms when everyone involved is hyper-generalized. It’s a clunky, non-optimized, redundant system which makes it also very stable.

    the chinese example is extreme because at 5yrs old, we don’t really know what _all_ our strengths are. I think this is what u mean by the dangers of pigeonholing.. once ur locked in, you can’t explore what other strengths you have.

    thinking more about it.. i think the key element here is strengths (plural) and not strength (singular). Also, as you mentioned, the ability to channel those strengths into generalized applications as opposed to specializing. Someone who is charismatic does not need to be condemned to doing sales.

    intellectual curiosity: i wonder if it’s external factors or actually internal factors that makes the difference between the curious and the complacent. (my take on nature (yay!) vs nurture (boo!) )

    one thing for certain tho, time-poverty sucks ass.

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