My One and Only Post re: the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election


  • Campaign 2008: Dance Showdown
  • Wassup: 1999 vs 2008
  • Humpty Dumpty: Attack Ad


    Well, it’s been  “an historic election” and hey, just think,  in just 6 more days, we will be only 2 years away until the campaigning starts for the next U.S. Presidential election!


    Until then… we dance!

    (thx Ian R for the link)



    Remember this classic ad/meme from the 1999 Superbowl?

    Well, the original crew is back, eight years later, somewhat worse for the wear…



    Saving the best for last: The audio for this one was done by Political Attack Ad Voice-over Artist (now there’s a job), Scott Sanders:

    (complete interview on NPR is here…  thx Ian S for the heads up)



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