How to Market Premium Beverages in a Recession

I’ve always been a big fan of that biblical fruit — symbol of fertility, righteousness, and shrapnel-bearing anti-personnel weapons — the pomegranate. Kudos to POM for “owning the Pomegranate Story” and all that… and their Pop Art-inspired ad campaign is wonderful (POM Wonderful! )… though I’m not exactly sure how ironic this ad is meant to be.

“Risk your health in this economy?  NEVER!” 

Risk your feeling of consumer entitlement in our current recession/buyer’s market?  NEVER!  Risk your friends and co-workers seeing you drink a less-than premium beverage, because you’ve got to save money for your handbag habit?  NEVER!  Question whether a diet rich in antioxidants will truly cleanse your body, not to mention your guilt-ridden soul, of the excesses of your decadent lifestyle?  NEVER!!!


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