Don’t Cut Your Budget to Spite Your Health

In Today's Times Fitness is Not a Luxury it's a Neccessity

Looks like we have the making of theme here. 

Two ads, two days in a row, both of which position a seemingly “non-essential” product against the recession, using the linkage of health (see, How to Market Premium Beverages in a Recession ).

This photo, taken yesterday in front of the Equinox health club near Grand Central Terminal, NYC, shows a sign which reads,


It’s hard to disagree with this sentiment. It’s one thing to be “lean,” cutting out unnecessary activities and costs in these leaner times.  It’s another thing to cut out the activities that create your health in the first place.

A client — one of the world’s leading financial institutions coming out of the current mess — put it very nicely today, saying, “In this current … trough of misery … we are the sharks, they are the whales.”   His firm is aggressively snapping up the best talent on the market and investing in their workforce capabilities (education/training), in order to more easily take away market share from competitors that are just too freaked out to make any moves.  Their approach is working, as they redefine their own landscape and become stronger than ever.

Other examples I see working right now are the firms that are investing in and accelerating their research and development efforts, turning out better offerings to their clients. It’s all about evolving your capabilities in a rapidly changing environment.

In today’s times, fitness is not just a necessity, it’s a major opportunity.


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  1. That’s a great ad. It’s topical and it’s true. In these stressful times, we need to stay healthy and balanced so that we can work more efficiently. Who can argue with that?

    Though these are tough times financially it forces businesses to make smarter choices and work more efficiently. It also forces us to to be more creative and targeted in our approach to advertising.

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