On Beyond Helvetica!

If you liked the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods , then you will *love*  the Periodic Table of Typefaces.  


(Thx SMG)

 Unlike the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods (which missed Periodic Tables as a kind of popular visualization method, but let’s not get too recursive now…) the Periodic Table of Typefaces provides some research-based rigor behind its choices of “Popular, Influential & Notorious” fonts.   Of course, they left out the populist abomination that is Arial, and they included the classic Mac font Chicago, so how unbiased is this really?  Ach, who am I kidding, I’m a font snob too…

In other “Helvetica.  Why would you need anything else?”  news, director Gary Huswit is coming out with a promising new documentary on the world of industrial design, titled  “Objectified.”   The world premiere is tomorrow.  Looks very promising.  

Finally, on the design theme, check out the cover story of this month’s Metropolis magazine, “What is Good Design?”  Some thought-provoking stuff in there, for both the design of physical objects, as well as other domains.


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