miscellaneous memes

Cleaning my desk yields the following half-baked ideas, scribbled on various scraps of paper:

  • “A thud is the sound of success in the making.” – M. Lyon
  • margarita recipe:
    2 shots Captain Morgan on ice
    1/3 orange juice
    1/3 cranberry juice
    1/3 pineapple juice

    – M. Lowenthal
  • Use BLOCK letters or script letters on flip charts, to express the character of the words.
    e.g. RESULTS vs experience
    (gotta write legibly first, of course)
  • distinctions:
    Client Management versus Project Management
    Responsibility versus Accountability
  • “You don’t get points for beer, cigarettes or pre-paid phone cards.”
    – Duane Reade store clerk
    (Now there’s a new definition of ATF – Alcohol, Tobacco and Fone Cardz…)
  • “Be careful about what you criticize in others, because there is a good chance this criticism applies to you too…  and in ways much more significant than you realize.”  – not actually on a scrap of paper
  • (same as previous, with respect to praise.)

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  1. Thad Robinson

    A rum-based tequila-free margarita recipe? Nononono. Might as well divide by zero while you’re at it.

  2. Good point. I’lll have to check back with the source of that recipe… perhaps it was describing what to *add* to the tequila?

    Reminds me of a conversation I once had:
    JA: “What are you drinking, Dan?”
    DS: “Long Island Iced Tea”
    JA: “What’s in a Long Island Iced Tea?”
    ET (interjecting): “A whole lotta trouble.”

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