Twouble with Tribbles-er-Twitters-i-mean-Tweets-wait-uh-what…

(hat tip to Mitch Joel)

There are some really brutal rips on the Twitterati out there, each one less appropriate than the other. Seriously, if you’d of asked me if you could Twitter my Blog ten years ago, I would have slapped you across the face. Today I learned that a person who is able to write a Tweet that utilizes all 140 available characters is said to have Twooshed.  So that would mean a bag full of such twooshes would make for a… oh, never mind.

Twitter isn’t the Facebook-killer, nor is it the Blog-killer (blogs are already dead, or as dead as they’ll get post-Tumblr), but it sure makes a blogger feel stupid. The blogging medium creates a pressure to do more than just share quick little links. When you post something on a blog (like a video about Twitter), you feel the need to add something, to make some oh-so-pithy, see-look-at-me-i’m-so-insightful remark. You’re forced to do the hard work of thinking, reflecting and crafting of a message. And that means you can easily *FAIL.*  Man, those Twits have it easy. Now, I haven’t done video blogging (aka vlogging), so I can’t imagine the stress that Twitter creates on those people… oh, wait, here we go…

Finally, the definitive piece on the subject, by viral video goddess LisaNova (part 1 of a series):

 “Ewww! Stop trolling me you creepy twitter-stalker-creep!”

UPDATE:  Looks like you can now, in fact, Twitter Your Blog (or perhaps, Blog Your Twooshes?) using a new WordPress widget.  [*sigh*]


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