Cape Air — Thumbs Up Up and Away for the Cessna 402C


hey boss, the... plane..?

Just flew into Boston on a Cessna 402C operated by Cape Air

PROS:  Great service, great price, fast check-in/check-out, no hassles.  

BONUS: You fly low enough (~8000 feet) to enjoy a great view and get cellphone reception (they ask that you don’t use your cellphone as a safety concern, so I wouldn’t advise testing that out … although die-hard Twits might not be able to resist the urge to “tweet” while literally flying with the birdies…).  

CONS:  It’s like riding a fancy, flying lawnmower. Loud and bouncy, especially at take-off… but the combination of some good earphones and looking over the pilot’s shoulder as you glide down to the landing strip — one of the most serene, beautiful moments — makes up for that.

Where road and rail fail, Cape Air soars.  Two thumbs up.  I hope to try out their Micronesia service, someday.


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