“Do you prefer Bennifer or Brangelina?”

“Neither, I prefer Obamanomics.”

According to a Washington Post obituary, Reaganomics was a term coined by Paul Harvey, along with guesstimateand other popular expressions.  As of today, Google returns about 459,000 results for Reaganomics and the term has a dedicated Wikipedia page (since 01/13/02002), as well as a number of published books with it in the title.  Reagonomics… rolls right off the tongue.

Obamanomics has fuller, chewier feel about it.  A relatively new term, it’s been indexed by the Googlegods on about 288,00 web pages as of this date,  but you can be sure it will quickly surpass its Grandfather Ronnie. To date it’s appeared in one book title, Obamanomics: How Bottom-Up Economic Prosperity Will Replace Trickle-Down Economics, by John R. Talbott, published July 1 2008. While the word doesn’t yet have its own dedicated Wikipedia page, someone saw fit to point the term to a subsection of this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_positions_of_Barack_Obama#Economic_policy.  The term Obamanomics hasn’t been attributed to any one person — and it’s not likely to be anytime soon.  These are different times than the 1980’s, what with its mass media, its Paul Harveys and Andy Rooneys. Today, everyone is their own crank with a soapbox, so don’t tase me bro, aight?


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  1. Thad Robinson

    Given the centralized, state-enforced, nanny-knows-best something-for-nothing nature of the man’s economic schemes, “Obamunism” seems like a more completely accurate term.

  2. Hmm… current Google results count for:

    Obamanomics: 312,000
    Obamunism: 48,600

    Now in the spirit of being fiercely independent, I gotta pick two other Google-searchable terms from across the president-bashing-ideological-divide…. how about these:

    Bush Doctine: 383,000
    Strategery: 153,000

    The “Obamunism” meme (complete with t-shirts and bumper stickers) shouldn’t be confused with the “Obamaism” concept, which is the weaker sibling (34,300 results) to the more robust “Bushism” (138,000 results).

    Thanks for sharing, Thad.

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