Muscial Interlude — Cut Chemist

(hat tip to Scott C for this musical suggestion)

Gotta keep replenishing these music video links, because they keep getting taken off YouTube.  Yes, some music labels still haven’t figured out that they lose money by paying their in-house/external legal counsel to reduce the amount of publicity and trickle-down sales they get from having their artists promoted on YouTube and other social media.  “Maybe if they can’t post  video link on their blogs, they and everyone else who visits their sites will be forced to buy an overpriced CD single.”    Yeah… or maybe our fleeting attention will be drawn to something else, while those compaies file triplicate copies of their certified mail, ceast-and-desist letters.

Cut the legal expense and instead, hire a bizdev/product chemist to speak with some people and work out a better way to make impulse $1 song downloads, right off embedded YouTube videos.  The infrastructure is there. Leverage it. Cut, mix and repeat.


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