July 2.5 – 3.5 :: Fence-Sitting Beige and Other Considerations of Northern North American Dual Citizen’s Day

Update to last year’s misguided concept of Canadian-American Dual Citizen’s Day, via Facebook:  

Dan is celebrating Northern North American Dual Citizen’s Day


Aliza at 8:59pm July 2:
Wouldn’t 11:52:30 tonight until 00:07:30 July 3 be the North American Dual Citizen’s minutes of celebration? That’s equidistant from July 1 and July 4. And, everyone deserves their fifteen minutes 🙂

It’d even give you enough time to sing this to the (equally) mangled tunes of both O Canada AND the Star Spangled Banner, wave both flags, and maybe even light a sparkler or two. Of course, you’d have to be careful about colours you wear– red? white? blue? Fence-sitting beige? Or is that concern too Canadian of me? <chuckle>

Ezra at 9:59pm July 2
Are my dual citizens allowed to join in the fun?

Dan at 4:19am July 3  (waking up to the dawn’s early light, apparently)
Aliza — I was *just* thinking that it should be a mid-day 7/2 to mid-day 7/3 celebration… but your 15 minute interval around midnight idea is even better. Just enough time to down a shot of bourbon, a shot of rye, and rattle off those mangled anthems… ah, good times…

Ezra — As long as they (or you) can mash-up their national anthems, then, YES!

(props to SMG for throwing his bowler hat into the fray, with the “Star Mangled Banner of the Queen” )

 This is all so very, very wrong.


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