..and the rockets’ red glare: Some Favorite Fireworks

Dragon’s Eggs…  they’re just like popcorn, only buttered with a magnesium-aluminum alloy…  Tasty!

Whistlers…  or as D.E.S. would call them, Screaming-Slytherin-Quiddich-Players-From-Hello-Without-the-O

Scrambling Comets…  cf. Whistlers

Salute… used for those grande finales, blinding-Titanium-white explosions of earth-shaking, ear-splitting, bowel-moving power

The World’s Biggest Firework Shell… 48 inches of incinerating love… haven’t seen this one personally, but apparently the explosion’s diameter covered half-a-mile… the fact that it was blown up over a city in Japan makes it all the more disturbing


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