Caught in the Maelstrom of an Economy Coming Back To Life

My colleague Matt R predicted it, back in December 2008.  

“Things are pretty bad out there, and they’re getting worse.   Fortunately, Americans have a short memory, and when the recovery comes, it will happen quickly.” 

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average now back over the psychological mark of 10,000,  it’s still too early to say how “fast” this “recovery” is… one never truly  knows where one is in the larger historical fractal landscape of profit-taking and recursive Dead Cat Bounces…  but then, business life ain’t about macroeconomics… it’s about what’s going on in your particular neck of the woods, as a partial result of that bigger picture.

In terms of training and talent development projects for large companies, the Long Delayed Major Projects are coming back online.  I’m hearing this from clients with respect to my company, as well as other partners they work with. Of course, since these clients have held their breath for so long, now they want everything done yesterday!

Yesterday.  What feels like just yesterday is showing up for sales meetings with existing and prospective clients, after they had delayed and re-scheduled those meetings multiple times because of the “uncertainty,”  only to find out that the person we were supposed to meet with had been laid off.  This happened more than once:  Leave a meeting confirmation voicemail/email with them the day before; arrive the next day; clear through security in the lobby; take the elevator up to their floor; meet the PA at their floor; wait while a series of increasingly awkward phone calls are made; deal with a flustered admin and disoriented successor. 

Now they want everything done yesterday.


..that’s good!

That’s exactly why we need to meet, now.


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