Leveraging Social Networking During Your Job Search, by Gil Yehuda and Dan Spira

This morning, Gil Yehuda and I co-delivered a keynote/workshop entitled “Leveraging Social Networking During Your Job Search” to 100+ senior executives via Keystone Partners.  The caliber of the job seekers in the room was outstanding — a reminder of the incredible talent available on the market right now. There were also a number of people at the session who are currently employed — or as I like to call it, the state of being  “between job searches.” All of the attendees seemed interested in improving their use of social media tools — LinkedIn, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter — to position themselves for career advancement.

I’d like to share a few of the key messages from the session, and also reflect a bit on the design process.

Much of this material is based on a set of evolving conceptual models (and online-social-gadget-tinkering-best-practices) that Gil had previously developed. We developed the material a bit further together for this particular workshop, and knowing Gil, he will  probably continue to develop this stuff further in the days, weeks and months ahead… (the best is always yet to come!)   



We took these concepts and strategies, translated them into some very physical terms (we’re talking body physical!), and gave practical next steps for action:


In terms of outcomes for the attendees, Gil and I followed the ol’ Peter Rogen “change what they THINK-FEEL-DO”  approach for our objectives, namely:  


Did we accomplish our objectives?   Yes, yes, YES, and then some.  Overall, the participants showed an impressive willingness and ability to learn and apply what was being presented to them — and to help each other out too.  Sure, some folks called me and Gil out for our sometimes over-the-top, sometimes subliminal forms of motivation (hey, it’s called “accelerated learning” for a reason).  But really, it was all them.  Really.


Working with Keystone Partners and Gil Yehuda was a real pleasure — both of those organizations (yes, Gil, you’re an institution) are world class. I hope to do more things with both of them in the near future. 

Finally, a personal win:  Leveraging the strategies, tools and techniques learned while working at rogenSi, combined with some of Ray Wlodkowski’s insight, towards subject matter that most large companies wouldn’t pay to teach their employees. (“Teach you how to position yourself for a better job??  Get back to work, Smith!“)    Helping such a great group of people in their job search — this is one of those areas where the reward is truly in the work itself.  

Onwards and upwards!


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  1. Dan, god to hear you are out there spreading the word on what the bleeding edge looks like, how to get there, and what to do with it. How many of this audience got weak in the knees and nauseous as they realized what changes you were prescribing for their lives?

  2. Haha! Thanks Stephen. I gotta say, this audience was for the most part already on the ball. Much as it would have been fun to pull a “Steve Jobs,” the session was less about evangelizing the bleeding edge, and more about building on top of what people already knew and toward what they already wanted. In other words, good ‘ol Adult Learning.

    We inspired the desire, provided a conceptual framework, created some options and easy wins, suggested next steps, answered their questions, gained commitment… and then we got out of their way!

    Re: Weak in the knees: One thing that got *me* was seeing all those very talented, experienced people in one room, many of them recently shed from the big companies that had been employing them for years or decades. For the past 18 months working with people on the front lines of this global financial crisis (sometimes the survivors, sometimes the soon-to-be-let-go), it’s always been humbling to realize how behind all the big corporate brands (or even “personal brands”) , we’re all just people, doing the best we can as individuals, swimming with the currents and trying to achieve our goals, feed our families, put our kids through school, etc. etc. There, now I’ve gone sappy on you, Stephen. How’s that for your nausea?

  3. I was very impressed with the ideas Dan and Gil shared to help improve my “brand image” on social networking sites. In a very entertaining way, they brought home the point that there are many things we can do to help bring our names and profiles to the fore. Virtually everyone I spoke to at the conference, no matter what their experience or comfort with social networking, got at least a few “action items” that they said they could and would use. Kudos for designing such a practical and helpful presentation.

  4. Thank you for your comment, Glenn — much appreciated! Really glad you took away some action items from the session… look forward to seeing more updates from you on LinkedIn!

  5. Daniel,

    It was a pleasure to hear your presentation with Gil at the Social media seminar last week. I certainly didn’t know what to expect but I was delighted by the very indepth information you gave about LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Blogging. It was not only very helpful but also presented in an interactive, fun and inspiring way.
    Thank you,

  6. Thank you for your positive comments, Asa — it was a real pleasure and privilege to work with everyone there!

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