The Invisible Ash Cloud

(inspired by ML and CH)

Some people walk around with a metaphorical rain cloud over their head. For others, there’s no rain cloud, but there’s something else:  an Invisible Ash Cloud that you can’t see and won’t bother you, as long as you stay on the ground.

Blue-Glass Skies Over London

The weather is beautiful and the skies are clear over London, for a change.  Spring is in the air, flowers and skirts are coming up, the air is filled with the giddy energy of office workers who would like to stay in the park at lunchtime just a little bit longer before heading back inside to their grey, fluorescent-lit cubicles.

There’s a catch to all this, however:  If you want to fly in an airplane, you cannot.   That’s because despite the blue skies, ALL IS NOT AS IT APPEARS.

According to the government and airline officials, there is an invisible cloud of silica-based ash in the sky, recently belched out by an angry volcano named Eyjafjallajökull. Officials fear that if this Invisible Ash Cloud of Eyjafjallajökull gets sucked into the heated turbine of an airplane’s jet engine, the silica will transform into a furious high-velocity storm of glass beads which will tear through the engines like a fist through wet Kleenex, bringing that plane down in a sudden, catastrophic FAIL.

So the message of the Invisible Ash Cloud is this:   It’s okay to be happy… just as long as you keep your head down and your aspirations firmly grounded.


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  1. Nice one Dan. This is the first time I’ve inspired anything!!!

    Its a crazy world at the moment. I think the 60’s hippies had a relevant saying for todays world…

    “Hey, what’s happening?”

  2. Thanks Colin, though I very much doubt this is the first time you’ve inspired something…

    Damn hippies.

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