From my nephew, on Facebook:

“… thinks a true optimist says the glass is half awesome”

Comment from overbearing uncle

“The glass is undervalued by half its potential: Buy it, fill it, resell at a 100% profit. THAT’S how it’s done, Boy.”

The truth is, yes, the glass is, in fact, half awesome…. if not wholly awesome.   ( a full glass is at least doubly awesome)


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  1. a half glass makes the content of that glass way more valuable than a full glass.

    _that_ is a true optimist. 🙂

    • In the words of Beavis, “But Master, does not the Fire need the Water, does not the Mountain need the Storm too?”

      I will meditate on this Wisdom, Nareg… it’s good to have you back in the comments thread!

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