Shrinkwrap Learning Contracts, aka “Click Here to Accept This Training”

At the outset of a learning session, one strategy that instructors sometimes use is a thing called a learning contract.

Unfortunately, instructors don’t always do a good job of it, and the learning contract becomes like one of those shrinkwrap legal agreements that you get before trying out / installing software.   The user (learner) is presented with the option to click “ACCEPT” or “DECLINE”  without understanding what it is that they are or aren’t accepting.  So they end up going through the motion of clicking “ACCEPT” without feeling anything other than a vague sense of having complied with some bureaucratic request.

Learning contracts are great, but if you can’t do a learning contract well, don’t do it… and for learning’s sake, don’t do them all the time.  Otherwise, you end up ruining learning contracts for everyone.


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