Dry Socket, Out of Pocket

the root of the problemLast Friday an oral surgeon cut into my gums with a blade, then using a high-power saw, some clamps and brute force, cut and tore out two large teeth from the back of my jaw.

They call them wisdom teeth because apparently when you have them removed, you’re supposed to be smart enough to give yourself a full week vacation from work afterwards… unless you think you’re smart and do it right before the weekend and rely on the standard healing time of four days for wisdom tooth extraction.  Let’s see:   Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, I should be good for the next week, right?

with great wisdom comes great pain

By Tuesday my Vicodin Vacation was done, yet somehow even after Tuesday I was still not “myself.”    Headaches, sudden tiredness, disorientation, throbbing in random places in my mouth and skull… well, it turns out that I have a high threshold for pain:  I’ve got a  dry socket.  This means there’s a place in the back of my jaw where I fit a small plug and connect my skeleton and nervous system directly into the Matrix.   Take a white pillwhoa… I know Kung-fu..!


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  1. lol does this make you.. “unlucky”?

    • I’m definitely lucky, though perhaps not optimally so. Actually, forget that…. I’m *totally* lucky… not least for having access to semi-synthetic opioids…

      Thought you might like the scans of my #17 and #32… as you can see, one of them required extensive demolition and mangling.

      Now that I’ve messed with my wisdom teeth, I’m tempted to look into lasik surgery…

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