Every Week

Every week my computer is taken hostage by either Apple, Oracle (Java), Microsoft or Adobe, to update some piece of software.  Every. Single. Week.  If I don’t comply and let it install, my computer’s performance degrades… especially if I delay on those Microsoft updates.

Every week I have several ideas for a blog post, but lately haven’t had a chance to sit down and write, even when I block time on my calendar to do so.  Obviously, Apple/Oracle/Microsoft/Adobe have a leg up on me here… perhaps I can reconfigure my mental hardware to slow down to a crawl if I don’t get these posts out reliably once per week.

There. I’m implanted the seed of the idea into my subconscious, Inception-style.   Let the idea grow.

(P.S. Inception was a pretty straightforward movie, as far as that genre goes.  Nested plots and time dilation yes, but no pesky causality paradoxes or spacetime reversals. The classic cinematic visual references (James Bond, 2001 Space Odyssey) near the end were a bit indulgent, but overall, thumbs up. That’s all the movie-going for a while, I’m afraid. Until next summer…)


About danspira

My blog is at: http://danspira.com. My face in real life appears at a higher resolution, although I do feel pixelated sometimes.

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