Nine Variations on a Statement of Praise

1 ) The work on this project is excellent. You should be proud of it.

2 ) The work you did on that project was excellent. You must feel very proud.

3 ) You did excellent work on that project, and must be very proud.

4 ) I think you did excellent work on that project. You must be very proud.

5 ) I think that the work which you did on that project was excellent and that you should feel proud about it.

6 ) I feel like your work on that project was excellent and I feel like I’d be proud of it if I were you.

7 ) Excellent work.

8 ) What excellent work you did on this project! You must be feeling pretty proud, eh?

9 ) So, how do you feel about your work on this project?


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  1. Dan, is #8 the Canadian translation – eh?

  2. What am I revealing about myself here? I like #1 and #7: no equivocation, thinking or feeling on the part of the speaker. Strong assertion of judgment . . .

  3. Two favorite variations, from the Facebook peanut gallery (HT GY):

    10. “How do you think I think you did on that project?”

    (yes, it is possible to shift the focus EVEN MORE onto the one doing the praising, versus the one being appraised…)

    11. “You will pass the day of judgment and be rewarded in the garden of delights, insha’llah.”

    (key message: in any given “win,” there may be a Higher Power which should be praised)

    (alt key message: your exceptional performance is ultimately what is expected of you… so perhaps it is not so exceptional)

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