It’s Decorative Gourd Email Disclaimer Season

You know how some people have, as part of their email signature, a little green tree/river graphic with the words “Please consider the environment before printing this email?”

Well, we’re officially at peak Decorative Gourd Season, so I think I’m going to start inserting random decorative gourds at the bottom of my work emails.

Things like this…

Think that might start an email signature trend?

..or how about this one…

..or we go with the more artsy look…

..then there’s the Martha Stewart Real-Ladies-of-Connecticut-Use-Power-Tools-on-their-Gourds aesthetic…

Why those pumpkin votives are delightful, Ishara...

Of course, a more representative example of the American aesthetic this time of year would be this:

..and while we’re doing interpretative aesthetics and still life / floral arrangements, let’s round-off this little photo-essay with a little  kawaii  take on the whole autumnal-gourdy-display-thing…

So please, please, consider the work environment before modifying your email signature, adding trite clip art and rendering your name in a “script” font, followed by an overwrought quotation and a lengthy legal disclaimer.

Seasonally yours,


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