Idea: Instant Feedback for Webinars

Today I ran a two-hour webinar — not a recommended length of time for that medium — and due to a variety of factors my voice was flat, verging on monotone at times.  Here’s an idea that would have helped me… and an idea which would help any company that uses lots of webinars or conference calls:

Create an on-screen toolbar (or iPhone app?) which is dialed into the conference call and displays a running realtime waveform of the speaker’s voice.   This will provide the speaker with instant feedback…. they can see what they sound like and correct for it.  Enhancements would include real-time alerts, gently informing the speaker that they need to speak up, use more pauses and inflection and so on.

Even a computer can tell if you mean what you say…

Come to think of it, I’ve only come across a handful of companies (such as Rosetta Stone) who use recorded voice feedback as an instructional strategy.  Once again this shows how we’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of what electronic media can do for learning and performance improvement.


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