Undiscovered Talent

One of the things that I love about training & development is the thrill of finding pockets of  undiscovered talent within large organizations.

Today I did a simple presentations skills program (it’s never quite so simple) with a small group of people in a  big bank.  This group had a ton of undiscovered talent — undiscovered to the other people in their organizations and, in some cases, undiscovered to themselves.

This is a delicate job… first we cut out some of that unnecessary material, then we carefully choose and refine the facets of your style so that you sparkle and yet keep your weight and substance… and finally, we add some polish

Imagine:  A potential rockstar executive with all the brains and charm you could ever want, limited by only a few coachable issues. Of course it would take more than one day’s session to fully realize this person’s potential, but at least we uncovered together a few promising avenues of exploration that they can take forward if they choose to go for it.

I’ve learned the hard way to be careful how much advice — or even encouragement — that I give out… even when asked. Looking back at the mentors and coaches that I’ve had, it’s never worked out very well when they came to me giving advice or have given me too much advice all at once.

So as tempting as it is to shout at the person and tell them how awesome they are,  I give them just a few practical tips and hope they’ll reach out to me again, so I can continue to have the privilege to participate some more in their professional development.  If  they don’t reach out to me, that’s okay too… I’m quite confident they’ll do just fine… sooner or later, that hidden gem of  undiscovered talent will get cracked open.


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