EOY Blog Sum-up/Clean-up/Pick-up

Time for the year-end wrap-up / navel contemplation… let’s start with some general statistics and then move to a more behind-the-scenes / things-to-do perspective:

Sum it up

According to WordPress, enough people visited this blog this year to fill up Madison Square Garden three times… but most of them did not come to read about filling Yankee Stadium… rather, they were interested in the very large number of people pairings that exist in the world.

Here are this blog’s Top 10 visited pages in 2011, starting with the most popular…


There Are Two Kinds of People In The World: Those Who Think There Are Two Kinds of People…
Top Five Weaknesses of   StrengthsFinder
Home page
Same Data, Different Graphs (aka   “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”)
Learning the Forgetting Curve
Skill-Will Matrix Revisited:   Taking the Employee’s Point of View
Ricola ™ versus CVS   “Natural Herb” Cough Drops
What is the Opposite of Anger?
Long Tail Survival Tip #1 :   Strong Communication Skills
Rare or Well Done?

..and here are the Top 10 visited pages of all time


There Are Two Kinds of People In   The World: Those Who Think There Are Two Kinds of People…
Home page
U.S. First Class Postage Rate   Hike: Investment Value of the Forever Stamp
Top Five Weaknesses of   StrengthsFinder
Learning the Forgetting Curve
Ricola ™ versus CVS   “Natural Herb” Cough Drops
Same Data, Different Graphs (aka   “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”)
Sneaker Design Idea: The Carbon   Footprint Shoe
Long Tail Survival Tip #1 :   Strong Communication Skills
Metaphors are like, everywhere

I’m glad that the Metaphors are like, everywhere post has been scoring well over the longer term…. it’s one of my favorites for a bunch of reasons… but then, if the people want stamps, statistics and steaks, well then, let them eat steak…

(I expect the Forever Stamp investment value analysis to continue to trail off in popularity, especially as the USPS continues to shrink the scope of its First Class service… hmmm… if what I’m looking for is site traffic, perhaps I should find a new alternative investment vehicle to analyze…  perhaps a depreciation table for Apple products? How much will your iPod/iPad/iPhone be worth in 12 months?  Compared to the standard GAAP straight-line depreciation schedule for computer equipment? Tempting… tempting…)

Moving in the realm of things I can control/influence more directly….

Clean it up

There are 40+ comments awaiting moderation, most of them spam filter refugees consisting of statements such as this:

I honey your stories very much because they are written in an understandable perspicuous. So I can read them although I come from Austria and get some problems to interpret English stories.

I’ve got to do a better job staying on top of the comments and giving thoughtful replies to those who bother to do the same… and purging the spam/cruft as it accumulates.

Okay, done. Only 3 of those were real comments awaiting approval/reply.

There are 90+ draft posts, some of which will never, ever, see the light of day…posts such as…

Energy Drinks are the Young Man’s Bottled Water

Well, maybe I will get around to it, as there are some topics (Green Style, Uncommon Comestibles) that I haven’t touched as often as I would like. A friend commented on how this blog has become more focused on topics related to my profession (learning, business performance and personal effectiveness). Those who know me know that I consider that trend both a good thing and a not-so-good thing.

There are also some nearly-complete drafts… in some cases, literally just 1 or 2 key strokes shy of publication.   Hey, why am I writing about writing?  I’ll just wrap up one of those posts right here, right now.

There.  Allow me to present a relic from the pre-Meme Menagerie era:  Myers-Briggs is so EXPIRED  (or, why this blog is called “INTPraneur’s Outpost”). 

Amazingly enough, I didn’t have to edit or add a single word in that post… I guess I was shy about making it public since I (fortunately) decided against adopting that blog title… and probably just as soon as I finished typing the post. It sits right next to a similar early-stage entry,  How to Name Your Blog which in turn got superceded by Blog Title Revision.

Pick it up

Lastly, WordPress tells me that I posted 47 times this year, not including this one.  This means I did not reach my post-atleast-once-per-week goal, never mind a higher goal.  How did this happen?  Ah, I see why… the month of May was a bit of a black hole…  final projects for school, a ton of travel for work and a very demanding, thankless client project (both the client and the project were thankless and demanding)… which yielded the Plate Too Full post on June 1st… okay, I just re-red that and wow, I’m so positive… let me say now that the aforementioned client/project situation in May really, really, really, truly sucked.

Onwards and upwards to 2012!


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