Expired Currency

There will come a morning when you wake up and realize that the thing that you carried as currency — your pride, resentment, bitterness — no longer has any purchasing power.

These old coins — chips that have fallen off your shoulder — have become like so much clutter in the home of your mind.

Clutter — both tangible clutter and emotional clutter (and it’s hard to separate the two, anyway) — acts as an emotional and spiritual black hole, sapping your energy… a black hole from the a collapsed star that once burned too bright.  Clutter is what prevents you from making progress, from improving things and moving forward.

Once you de-clutter, once you get deal with the old stuff that’s taking up your space, your time and your attention, you will be amazed how good you will feel.

Hyper-inflated emotions eventually lose their value.

The golden rule is the gold standard.


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  1. well said.

    in statistical speak, best way to understand reality is to look at the evidence stripped of all our “prior”s (gotta love that word! 🙂

    although i think you meant ur post as an emotional release thingie.. it also applies at a rational level: what we think we know clouds what we think we see.

    • ..and to extend this parallel you’ve drawn between emotional “currency” and prior sets of data that reflect certain assumptions: It’s possible that a person realizes their favorite data benchmark or statistical model has lost its relevance. The world moves on.

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