Thought du Jour… de la Semaine…de l’année… d’une durée de vie: Find the Good in a Thing

Find the Good in a Thing at once. ’Tis the advantage of good taste. The bee goes to the honey for her comb, the serpent to the gall for its venom. So with taste: some seek the good, others the ill. There is nothing that has no good in it, especially in books, as giving food for thought.

But many have such a scent that amid a thousand excellences they fix upon a single defect, and single it out for blame as if they were scavengers of men’s minds and hearts. So they draw up a balance sheet of defects which does more credit to their bad taste than to their intelligence. They lead a sad life, nourishing themselves on bitters and battening on garbage.

They have the luckier taste who midst a thousand defects seize upon a single beauty they may have hit upon by chance.

cxl, The Art of Worldly Wisdom, by Balthasar Gracian, tr. by Joseph Jacobs

Today I had to remind myself to resist the temptation of saying, There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who are toxic and those who are a tonic.”

Rather, people can choose to behave in a toxic manner, turning good things into bad things.

Now admittedly, some folks have a knack for toxicity and seldom deviate from that tendency… but hey… I’d like to surround myself with more people who have the talent of finding the good in things, who know how to turn bad things into good things, and who make the good things into great things.

More alchemists, please.


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