The glass of water is undervalued by at least half of its potential value

(As updated on Quora, to the question of whether the glass of water is half-empty or half-full…)

The glass is undervalued by at least half of its potential value. Buy it at its current discount. Top it off with some tap water. Brand it. Package it. Resell it.  Win.

Here is an image summarizing this as a General Theorem of Glasses-of-Water-with-Unrealized-Potential:

The glass is half-full of water and half-full of opportunity

This theory also explains the “it only really matters if you’re thirsty / it’s needed” observation, made elsewhere, while also allowing for the effects of advertising and packaging on demand. Sometimes people enjoy glasses of water because it’s the cool thing to do.

Finally:  The glass is 100% full of metaphor: Be the glass and fulfill your potential.

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